Distance: .5 miles, each way / 1 mile round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 minutes round trip

Trollkunfingur is another one of those gems in the Faroe Islands that is neither hard to get to nor time consuming. In fact, you can drive most of the way there! Coming from Vagar Airport, Trollkunfingur is located in the town of Sandavagur.

As you come down the ONLY road from Vagar to Torshavn, you’ll hit a traffic circle in Sandavagur that has a sign and direction to Trollkunfingur. Take a right and follow the sign. You’ll see signs continuing on, and you’ll keep following until the road becomes honestly very tight. I’d keep driving until it’s a bit uncomfortable and then pull off in one of the many stops or spaces that are built in the road to pull off. You’ll be further up the mountain and it will be winding around to the left, so when you’ve reached the end of your comfort level just get out and walk!

I haven’t been to Trollkunfingur WITHOUT the wind howling at a cool 40-50 mph, but I can say that it is very beautiful. The cliff you are on and will be on at the end of the path is intimidating, but the path is fenced in…my advice is to just stay in the fence and don’t go any further! It really isn’t worth it based on how far down in to the ocean you can fall.

To call this a “hike” may be a stretch, but it’s definitely a cool experience that is easy to see!