Kallur Lighthouse Hike

The truly stunning view from Kallur Lighthouse

The truly stunning view from Kallur Lighthouse

Distance: 1.5-2 miles

Difficulty: Medium

Time: Hike (2 hours), Ferry/Drive/Hike (5 - 6 Hours)

Kallur Lighthouse is another place in the Faroe Islands that you've likely seen come up on some sort of travel website or Instagram page, and rightfully so.  The landscape is green, lush, jagged, and it dangles beautifully on cliffs hundreds on feet above the ocean.


Just like many of the other landmarks here in the Faroes, you'd think this would be easy to find.  It isn't exactly hard to get out to Kallur Light, but lets just say you do need to plan for it.  The hike itself is only 30-45 minutes each way and it isn't particularly difficult, however, the ferry and drive can be obstacles to getting there.

The first thing you need to know about getting to Kallur Lighthouse is that it is on the island of Kalsoy and not connected to the main island at all.  You can't drive to the island, however, you can take your car on the ferry.  In fact, if you want to get to the lighthouse, which is located outside of the village of Trollanes, you NEED to take your car on the ferry, you can't walk.  

Depending on when you go the Faroes, the ferry to Kalsoy leaves at several times throughout the day.  It leaves from Klaksvik, which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Torshavn.  You'll see signs as you enter Klaksvik for the ferry, so just follow the signs or ask, or if you don't want to do that here is a pin. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.57.27 AM.png

There are four lanes for cars getting onto the ferry, the first being for locals, and the remaining three being for whoever else wants to go over. Ferry times can be found here:


By the way, the ferry cost about 200 DKK (35 USD) and they DO take credit cards or cash.

When I went to Kallur Light in the winter (pictured below), I was literally the only car in line for a while.  It was no problem to get on or off the ferry.  However, if you take one thing from this post take this:  IF YOU GO IN THE SUMMER GET TO THE FERRY EARLY!  The boat can hold 17 cars, and when you see it you won't believe that but trust me, they found a way to pack on 17 cars.  We tried to get the 1400 ferry on a Thursday in July and the lines for cars was already 25 deep; we wouldn't make it and even if we did the boat supervisor said we would have a hard time getting back.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 1.05.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 1.10.09 PM.png

The next attempt to go in the summer was on a Tuesday and we showed up for the 1000 ferry at 0900.  We were the 6th car in line and by 0930 there were at least 20 cars in line.  My recommendation is to get to the ferry at least an hour early, then dip out to grab food at Cafe Frida right down the road.  At the very least, go to the gas station and grab waters and snacks because once on Kalsoy there is nothing besides the small cafe in Trollanes.  ANYWAYS, we made the ferry and arrived on Kalsoy at 1020 exactly.

Once on Kalsoy, you will drive off the ferry and go down literally the one road there is on the island.  You'll pass several small villages and pass through 4 tunnels...just keep driving!  You'll eventually, after about 25 minutes, arrive in Trøllanes.  There is a small parking area, bathroom facility, and even a small cafe (which we decided not to go to on the way in or way out so that we could get to the lighthouse and get back in line for the ferry).  

Once you park, as you face the ocean, just start walking down the road to the left.  Believe it or not, the mountain you see in front of you is the back side of the view of Kallur Lighthouse.  Keep going down the road and you'll feel like you're walking through someones farm, and that gut instinct is great because you are.  You'll see in front of you a small red gate.  Go through the gate, shut it behind you, and begin walking up the hill but keep right.  I'll show in a picture to illustrate the line you should take.  DO NOT walk up the mountain, as you'll exert a lot of unnecessary effort and you also won't actually get to the lighthouse.

Follow a path mid way between the ocean and the point where the mountain starts to really get steep.

Follow a path mid way between the ocean and the point where the mountain starts to really get steep.

Follow the line around the base of the mountain, you'll go by several sheep huts and cross a few small streams.  Also to note here, the sheep aren't really afraid of people like they seem to be in other places in the Faroe Islands.  Just a fun fact and really nothing to do with your hike.  Keep following the mountain around and eventually coming into view will be the lighthouse on the other side of a basin.  Don't walk down the basin, walk a line around the rim of the basin that's almost equal elevation to the lighthouse...you'll save yourself a lot of trekking.

This is the path behind the lighthouse to the famous view.

This is the path behind the lighthouse to the famous view.

On my winter hike, this is the path to the right. You can see the famous viewpoint, but with all the snow it way WAY too dangerous for me to go out there.

On my winter hike, this is the path to the right. You can see the famous viewpoint, but with all the snow it way WAY too dangerous for me to go out there.

Once you reach the lighthouse you'll see two options: walk the trail being it that leads to a cliff over the ocean (THIS IS THE FAMOUS VIEW PICTURED AT TOP) or walk to the right, which is a cool view but it really isn't anything compared to the former.  When I was at the lighthouse in the winter, I actually opted NOT to go out on the path behind the lighthouse because it's very narrow, and one slip would most definitely be the end of you...just don't do it if the weather is bad.  Also, if you're worried about heights, or don't have proper hiking shoes on, then absolutely do not take this trail.  One worry that I have is that as more tourists find this gem, it's only a matter of time before someone goes over the side taking a selfie.  Just don't if you aren't comfortable.


Take your time and enjoy the view as clouds roll over the ocean.  Behind the lighthouse over the ocean you can see Gjogv, and to the right you can see the highest promontory in the world, Cape Enniberg.  As much as you should take your time, move along so that you can actually catch the ferry back.  We hiked back to Trøllanes, skipped the cafe, and even made a short stop at Mikladalur to see the seal woman (another post to come on that).  We got in line for the ferry back to Klaksvik around 1300 for the 1450 ferry and we were the second car in line.  Admittedly, this was a little early.  We ended up walking up the road to the town of Syðradalur and just walked around.  There is a bathroom there but nothing else, so don't expect to get food or drinks.  We then ended up killing time but by about 1420 there were 15-20 cars in line and by 1450 when the ferry arrive there were at least 30 cars in line.  My point is, get back to get in line for the ferry early; as I said before it can fit a max of 17 cars.

Waiting for the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry.

Once you're back to Klaksvik that will pretty much conclude your journey!  We stopped at Cafe Frida for a Slupp (an incredible beer in the Faroe Islands) and then made our way back to Torshavn.  Your journey to Kallur Lighthouse can end up being an all day affair, but trust me, it is worth it!

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