A full year of clips from the Faroes.

Visiting the Faroe Islands is an experience that you won't forget.  With that said, it's also an experience that can be a bit frustrating.  The very thing that makes the Faroe Islands charming, unique, and authentic, can also make a visit to the islands confusing and befuddling.  

I'm making this website as an American who has spent over a month in the Faroe Islands and visited in the summer, spring, and winter.  My experiences as a hiker, amateur photographer, amateur dronie, and tourist can honestly save you some of the difficulties that I've encountered.  The Faroe Islands, in my opinion, are more beautiful than Iceland and their Scandinavian counterparts, however, they don't yet have the infrastructure to support a huge amount of tourists.  This is a guide to help you not only plan your trip, but help you make the most of every minute you spend in one of the most magical places on Earth.  Follow me on Instagram @faroeislandstourist ! Thanks for reading, enjoy, and please leave feedback!  

Hope you can drink it all in!