Renting a Car in the Faroe Islands

The act of actually renting a car in the Faroe Islands is easy. There are plenty of websites out there and renting has come a long way in the last few years. In fact, only a few months ago the only way to pick up a car was at the airport at a small kiosk that served as every car rental companies service stand.

Those days are long gone. Vagar airport now has a separate and larger car rental facility. Renting over the internet remains the same, but dropping the car off is now slightly easier as you can leave it in a parking lot by the airport vice walking from the outer parking lot. That said, we’re talking about a difference of a few hundred feet.

I don’t want this post to be just trash talk, but I will say there is one company I cannot and will not suggest. 62 N has not once, but twice claimed there was damage on their vehicle upon return and charge a fee of almost 1000 dollars. When pressed for more information, they couldn’t seem to provide it. At the very least, I would say there is some sort of fraud happening. The disappointing thing is that this is unlike any other experience I have had in the Faroes, and does not represent the country at all.

One company that I have had great success with is JUST DRIVE. The company is locally owned and went from 4 cars in 2018 to almost 20 in 2019! The owner was helpful, excited, and honest. I would highly recommend. Just to note, nothing I have on this page is sponsored, so you are getting my truthful and unbiased opinion.

There are a slew of other car rental options in the Faroe Islands. At the airport, there is Sixt, Bilrokt, and Unicar. You can also take a taxi to Torshavn and rent a car from there, to include Guide to the Faroe Islands, Faroe Guide, and RentYourCar. Honestly, they are all about the same and a week will cost you somewhere between $800 - $1500 dollars, depending on what size you are looking for. Most companies offer two things that I would recommend:

1) A tunnel pass; for about 300 DKK you can get unlimited trips through the tunnels. If you intend on seeing the Faroe Islands, this will pay for itself in a day or two. If you intend to stay in Torshavn the entire time, then I wouldn’t worry about it. Essentially, if you’re a tourist and you’re renting a car you should get the tunnel pass.

2) Internet; get internet in the car in case you forget to download a map or get lost. Or you desperately need to get on Facebook. Either way, it’s worth the extra cost. Side note, also download the maps for the Faroe Islands. Don’t know how to download a map? You’re welcome:

This post is VERY specific to renting a vehicle, but I intend to follow up with posts on driving etiquette and roads in the Faroe Islands. Post in the comments if you have any questions and be sure to follow @faroeislandstourist for more helpful information!

For entertainment ONLY, here is my Google review of 62 N Car Rental:

”If I could leave a zero I would.

This place is an absolute scam, do not use them. I’ve been to the Faroe Islands 4 times now and twice this company has claimed some sort of “damage” to their vehicle and charged me. One time I tried to get more information about the repair cost and they claimed that had magically sold the vehicle and couldn’t provide the information.

This time they pointed to something indistinguishable again and said it was damage, even though both times nothing occurred. I honestly would have no problem just paying if I scratched the car.

I’m vowing to take this dishonest and sham of a company down. I also tried to return the car four days early and they said they would still charge me for it because “it didn’t say they couldn’t” in the contract.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Several other reviews say the same thing. It’s a shame but use another rental car company in the Faroe Islands and end this criminal activity.”